Our Mission

Nobody's Perfekt Dogs

We specialize in finding homes for dogs where “imperfection” is tolerated in exchange for a lifetime of love and devotion.

Our foster dogs have been discarded by the people they once trusted, only to find themselves in a shelter with no other options.

We want them to have a second chance to receive the love and care they deserve.

Our Story

Nobody’s Perfekt Dogs is not a shelter, but we only pull dogs from the local community shelters.  We do not take dogs directly from people wanting to dump their dogs or strays that people find.  We consider ourselves a “rescue of last resort.”  Shelters who call us about a dog in need, have exhausted all other rescue groups and options, leaving no choice but to consider euthanizing the dog.  Many of our dogs are seniors, or have special medical needs.  Some of our dogs are just too traumatized in the shelter to pass the temperament test for adoptability.  They are fearful or shutdown.  Simply taking them out of the shelter and putting them into a stable foster home often makes all the difference in the world.

We adopt to people and families that are looking for more than just a pet.  Our adopters are truly interested in saving a dog’s life by giving it a forever home.  When people adopt from us, they are actually saving 2 dogs: the dog they adopted and the next shelter dog on the euthanasia list that we now have room to foster.